Advent of Code is a code competition website that is publishes new puzzles on the first 25 days of December. One on each day. Each puzzle has two parts. The puzzles start easy and becomes hard progressively. I was introduced to this through my ex-employer (Spotify). I have solved problems in Java, Ruby, Erlang and Scala. I do not have all my problems in github, but I salvaged some:

As of writing, I haven’t yet managed to solve all 25 puzzles in a year because I travel to India every single year during the 4th week of December and I will miss it in the aftermath. In 2021, things were a bit hectic in with my current employer (Stripe) and I couldn’t focus on solving puzzles every day.

Stats Viewer

Here is a little fun half a day project. As part of this blog post I wanted to show my progress on AoC through the years.

The stats are fetched in real-time to produce this graph. Hopefully someday all the bars will be at 25 :)